Vegan Curry Pasta Salad

IMG_1856Vegan Curry Pasta Salad


Tofu (1/2 A Package)

Pasta (Your Choice Of Noodle, Maybe 8 to 16 Ounces)

Frozen Peas (Maybe 3/4 Cup)

Curry (Tablespoon Or So)

Olive Oil (Table Spoon)

Olives (Maybe 1 Dozen)

Peanuts (1/2 Cup Or So)

Dried Dill (Maybe 4 Sprinkles)

Vegenaise (6 To 10 Tablespoons/Your Discretion)

Mustard (Tablespoon Or So)



  1. Boil Water For Pasta
  2. Cut Tofu In Cubes & Cook In The Olive Oil (Maybe 10 Minutes)
  3. Cut Olives In Half
  4. Cool Pasta (Run Pasta Under Cool Water In Strainer Once It’s Cooked)
  5. Mix All Ingredients



Use As Much Vegenaise, Mustard & Curry As Fits Your Taste



Let Us Know What You Think/How It Cames Out

Either Here, Email Us @ or Tweet Us @JCooksVegan


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