Who Is James?

james.jpgJames Mahoney is a Writer/Filmmaker Living In Southern California.

James Became A Vegan In Early 2013 After Watching A Documentary Called “Earthlings“. (“Earthlings” Is An Important, But Graphic Film, Don’t Watch It Unless You’re Prepared).

The reason I created the “James Cooks Vegan” Blog is thrice fold.

First and foremost, I love to cook. I’ve shared my recipe’s before on my creative writing site, but they were not vegan dishes.

Secondly, the reasons I became a vegan were thrice fold as well. One, when I watched the “Earthlings” documentary, I was already on the fence as far as being a vegan. Meat didn’t really work all that well with my system, or at least regularly eating meat. The other reason I became a vegan is because factory farming, which is our primary way of processing meat and dairy products, is the biggest contributing factor by far of our earth’s water shortage (I believe it represents about 51% of our water use). And last, but not least, with much factory farming, the animals are treated very badly prior to death.

But the main reason I created this blog is because I don’t think it’s all that wise to suggest people to stop eating meat & dairy, without giving them a delicious alternative.

And in all honesty, asking someone to drop meat & dairy completely can be asking a lot for some people.

The truth is if the average meat & dairy eater ‘reduced’ the amount/frequency of eating those products (As opposed to dropping meat & dairy completely), it would have a significant positive affect on our environment.

But enough about all that, lets get to cooking!


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